Powerslide Triskating and the Imperial Megacruiser 3×125

“Do you wanna try the new 3x125mm skates from powerslide?”
Everything started with this question; a new skating experience was coming.

Imperial Megacruiser are skates with just 3 wheels, but bigger. A lot bigger than usual.
Tested in the last months this skates offer a different approach to the skating experience.

First question while looking at this big yellow skates, also available in white, is: what is the purpose?
This pair of roller are intended for people who are already familiar with our favourite sport, skating.
The lenght of the frame (255mm) requires the ability to properly skate and double push is a must to have the best experience.

The Imperial Megacruiser is tought sold as a freeskate model but it gives it’s best in long straight path as well as in long downhill where you can experiment the maximum speed.

Hard stops are difficult if you are at your first experience with long frames but who has some experience will enjoy them; this are fast and light skates but let’s go in details.


IMG_0466Shell and Lacing

The shell is made of plastic composite, hard enough to experiment with them and live a skating experience without the fear of breaking it.
Buckles are the same used for all the other mid-top model. Remember that you have to push the button hard to release them but using these two closures with the rounded laces is really easy.


MyFit technology, developed by PS involving the shoes maker Sergio Mc Cargo, assure you to mould it to your foot just using an oven or a hair dryer (follow carefully the instructions).
It may result a little bit thin in the internal part of the foot but remember to carefully choose the size, Powerslide’s skates wear smaller sometimes, and this is the case. Choosing one size more than your usual can solve your pain and assure you a wonderful skating experience.


Frames are created using 6061 aircraft aluminium that initially can give the impression of fragility and easy to break, it is not the case.
Thanks to the use of this material, frames are thick assuring that wheels are very close to the feet ensuring great stability.
It is light and resistant but it has a problem: screws. Screws are very sensible and during maintenance you could strip them, be very gentle.
A possible evolution could be to implement sigle side screws.

Wheels and Bearings

85A sometimes could mean no great grip especially with slippery floor during fall and winter but having tried these on leaves, during night and on any kind of surface they respond well almost in every condition except humid pavè and semi-wet marble floors.
These big wheels use to roll Powerslide ABEC 9 bearings but if you want to go faster consider to switch to Twincam ILQ-9 (sold separately).


Imperial Megacruiser 3×125 strongly recommended to do Urban Freeskate with a focus on speed.
Perfect on fast starts, stables in almost all conditions and comfortable on the long run are a perfect companion to move around the city fast.

Technical Specifications

38-46 EU / 5-12

Yellow (Mod. 908086)
White (Mod. 908113)

Fiberglass reinforced composite
X-Slot Mounting System

My Fit Fat Boy Medium, heat mouldable

1 pc. construction Unity Megacruiser; 10.0” / 255mm; 6063 aircraft aluminium; 165mm mounting distance

3 WHEELER Powerslide Megacruiser SHR; 125mm, 85A; Pleasurethane Compound


Powerslide Megacruiser 3×125 Review