Welcome to the Rome WSX competition!

We are glad to invite you to the third World Skatecross Series competition in Rome.

The competition will be held in Ostia, a small town on the sea, 30 km from Rome.
It is organized by the “www.pincio.com” club, based in Rome.

As you can see on the program below, there will be also the new Freestyle X competition, so why not give it a try?

There are lots of partecipants this year, you’ll also have the chance to compete against the current world number ones!
Totally 2000 EUR prize pool in money!

Official WSX page – Events, Rules, Rankings and much more….

Rules_SkateX_ENG_final_2013.pdf – Rules for Skatecross and FreestyleX

[accordion title=”Program”]
Saturday 15 June

09:00 Open Area – Registration

10:00 Skatecross training

12:00 Skatecross Qualifications 1 round.

14:00 Skatecross Qualifications 2 round.

15:00 Freestyle Cross Training

17:00 Qualifications Freestyle Cross

Sunday 16 June

10:00 Baby RollerCross competition

11:00 Kendama Battle

12:00 Pool contest

14:00 Freestyle X Finals

16:00 Skatecross Finals

18:00 Awards Ceremony

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Sponsors”]

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How to Subscribe”]
online inscription is cheaper!

All Competitions : 20€ (30€ if it is done on site)
Pool only : 10€
Kendama battle : 5€
Rollercross Baby : 5€

Just put your name and surname and choose what you want to do, then you’ll be redirected on the Pincio Paypal page.
You don’t need a Paypal account and you can pay with almost all Credit Cards.
Simple and quick!

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Registered Skaters”] We are trying to keep this list updated 😉

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How to arrive”]

The Spot Skatepark

Via Domenico Baffigo 143, Ostia Lido Roma [SCROLL DOWN TO CHECK THE MAP] Official Skatepark page – www.thespotskate.it

By train from Rome

From the station “Roma Porta San Paolo” (Piramide Metro line B) departs every 15 minutes, get off at “Lido Ostia Centro”.

Bus from Fiumicino airport

With Cotral public transport from ‘Fiumicino Airport to Piazza della Stazione Lido di Ostia.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Accomodation”] It seems that Ostia hotels and camping sites are totally full.
No problem Rome is so big you can always find some accomodation!!!
We strongly suggest you to find a cheap hotel or hostel close to Piramide metro station, there is a train every 20 minutes from Piramide to Lido di Ostia Centro that takes about 30 minutes.

The area is also famous for its wild nightlife, with a lot of clubs in Via Libetta where you can dance on saturday night, seeing as on sunday morning the kids competition will take place 😉

For any other information about logistics, simply contact the Pincio organizers via the website mentioned above or on facebook (Pattinatori del Pincio).


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World Skatecross Series Roma 15-16 june 2013

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  • 6 Maggio 2013 alle 11:36

    And if you need more information just email us!

  • 10 Giugno 2013 alle 23:27

    Hi, i want just know what is the “freestyle X”,it’s a park competition ? thank you

  • 11 Giugno 2013 alle 08:59

    FreestyleX is a new discipline based on performing spectacular tricks jumping over the same track as Skatecross. You’re welcome to give your contribution partecipating!

  • 11 Giugno 2013 alle 11:44

    Ok thank you for the answer, maybe i would participate =)

  • 16 Giugno 2013 alle 22:28

    Thanks, guys, for these 2 days!
    It was just incredible like ususal in Roma))))

    Skaters – you are amazing and motivating!
    Organizers – you are great!! Thank you for making this feast of sports and letting us enjoy ourselves and each other!


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